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Newport Beach, CA – April 15, 2020 – At present, Women’s Cancer Research Foundation and the medical practice of Dr. John Paul Micha have tested sixteen patients for Coronavirus IgM and IgG antibodies.  The sixteen patients tested were adult male and female residents from Orange County, CA. All tested “negative”.

It is worth noting that pilot studies such as this need to be interpreted with caution  Dr. Micha, Chairman of Women’s Cancer Research Foundation, explained, “It has been our experience that most of our pilot studies are reflective of results in larger studies.  However, there are projects where initial promising data is not confirmed by larger data sets..”  

The data compiled by WCRF and Dr. John Paul Micha is consistent with other recent data suggesting that the incidence of coronavirus in Orange County, CA is low.

We will continue to keep you updated as we continue to expand our testing of the population in Orange County, CA. Women’s Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) 351 Hospital Road, Suite 506 Newport Beach, CA  92663 (949) 642-5165 Dr. John Paul Micha, Concierge Medicine for Women 361 Hospital Road Ste. 422 Newport Beach, CA  92663 (949) 418-5566 About Women’s Cancer Research Foundation The Women’s Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) is one of Southern California’s and the nation’s most active research organizations for female cancers. We are dedicated to serving the interests of patients, families, and friends affected by women’s cancers. WCRF partners with physician-scientists nationally to make differences in women’s lives by offering hope, strength, and progress.

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