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Associations Between Multimorbidity and Depression in Breast Cancer Survivors

Researchers used the UK Biobank (a national biomedical database) to examine the link between multimorbidity (having several co-morbid conditions, namely diabetes, hypertension) and depression in females diagnosed and/or treated for breast cancer. They identified 8,438 women with a previous diagnosis of breast cancer. Self-reported lifetime number of chronic conditions were analyzed in terms of total number (e.g., 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+). Breast cancer survivors commonly developed multimorbidity, with 32.9% of females encountering one and 30.1% having two or more chronic health conditions. The three most common co-morbid conditions included hypertension (25.8%), pain (18.3%), and asthma (11.6%). Findings showed a strong association between having 2 or more co-morbid conditions and the incidence of depression in women with breast cancer. This link was further pronounced as the number of chronic co-morbid conditions increased. Consequently, since patients are living longer with cancer, there is a greater need to provide mental health support services for them.

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