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New Treatment Brings Remission of Rectal Cancer in All Patients

Updated: Jan 12


A small study delivers startling results on the power of a new immunotherapy treatment against rectal cancer: The drug triggered remission in all the patients who were treated with it. All of the patients had a mismatch repair-deficiency (mismatch repair deficient cells usually have many DNA mutations, which may lead to cancer) associated with locally advanced rectal cancer.

The patients were treated with dostarlimab, an anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody (a treatment that engenders an immune response to attack the cancer cells). After at least six months of follow-up, all 14 patients achieved remission (no evidence of tumors on medical scans and tests, digital rectal exam or biopsy).

Thus far, none of the patients have required chemo-radiation or surgery, and no cases of progression or recurrence have occurred. While longer follow-up is needed to assess response duration (the lengthy of time the drug has been working), this is practice-changing for patients with mismatch repair-deficiency locally advanced rectal cancer.

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