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Secondary cytoreduction followed by chemotherapy vs chemotherapy alone

Secondary cytoreduction followed by chemotherapy vs chemotherapy alone in platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer.

In a recent Lancet Oncology study, Shi et al. (2021) reported on their results comprising patients with platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer (an ovarian cancer patient demonstrating a favorable clinical response to platinum chemotherapy following the end of first-line platinum-based chemotherapy) with potentially resectable disease (the disease could be further reduced with a secondary surgery). The study patients were randomly assigned 1:1 to undergo secondary surgery followed by chemotherapy (paclitaxel or docetaxel with carboplatin) or chemotherapy alone (no surgery). A total of 357 patients were enrolled in the study, 182 assigned to the surgery and chemotherapy group and 175 assigned to the chemotherapy alone group. Outcomes revealed significantly longer progression-free survival (the length of time during and after the treatment of a disease wherein a patient lives with the disease but the condition does not deteriorate) for the platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer patients who were treated with secondary surgery followed by chemotherapy vs the patients who were treated with chemotherapy alone. In the surgery and chemotherapy group, median progression-free survival was 17.4 months, while the median progression-free survival was 11.9 months in the chemotherapy alone group. The implications from this study suggest that patients with platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer should discuss the potential of secondary cytoreductive surgery with their treating physician.

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