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Sugary Food and Beverage Consumption and the Risk of Developing Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the most aggressive gynecologic malignancy in the United States. Select researchers have inquired if refined sugars contribute to the manifestation of this disease although currently, there is limited evidence to support the assertion.

In one study, ovarian cancer risk was evaluated in relation to sugar consumption.

In one study, ovarian cancer risk was evaluated in relation to sugar consumption (e.g., foods, beverages and total sugar intake). A total of 205 cases and 390 control subjects completed a phone interview that annotated the two groups’ food consumption (the number of servings of dessert foods, non-dessert foods, sugary drinks, total sugary foods and drinks for each participant), the total (in grams) added sugar intake/day.

There was no evidence of any association between consumption of sugary foods/beverages and risk of ovarian cancer, although there was a trend (non-significant) toward an increased risk of cancer associated with sugary drink intake. Overall, there was little indication that sugar intake contributes to ovarian cancer development.

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