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Daily Aspirin Offers No Benefit in Breast Cancer Survivors

In a recent article from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a study reported that daily intake of aspirin does not appear to prevent a recurrence of invasive breast cancer. In fact, study participants who took aspirin daily for 18 months appeared to have a 25 percent higher risk for breast cancer recurrence compared to those women who were taking a placebo (a harmless pill).

While aspirin might provide an anti-tumor effect, it does not appear to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

In the study, researchers compared the rate of breast cancer recurrence in nearly 3,000 patients assigned to take 300 milligrams of aspirin or a placebo daily for five years. Approximately two-thirds of participants were 50 years or older and were overweight. Nearly 11 percent had been diagnosed with hormone receptor (HER)–negative breast cancer, while 86 percent were HER-positive and considered high-risk for recurrence. At 18 months, 191 participants (107 assigned to aspirin and 84 to the placebo) experienced breast cancer recurrence or a new cancer, and 11 participants died.

The implications from this study suggest that while aspirin might provide an anti-tumor effect, it does not appear to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

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