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Liquid Biopsy in Ovarian Cancer

Updated: Jan 12

In recent years there have been considerable efforts to develop a blood test or liquid biopsy (a simple and non-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies which enables doctors to discover a range of information about a tumor through a simple blood sample) that could detect multiple cancers.


Ovarian cancer detection would benefit patients if early-stage disease or early recurrence could be identified by such a blood test. Technology that examines circulating DNA in the blood is being explored. A clinical validation study revealed the overall sensitivity of the detection of all ovarian cancers via a liquid biopsy at 83.1% for stage I ovarian cancer, indicating that this approach may not provide a robust detection of early-stage ovarian cancer. Currently, it is not known if using a liquid biopsy to detect early-stage ovarian cancer will be effective in reducing patient mortality.

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